Sponsorship and Advertising on QueerieBradshaw.com

We are open and flexible to all kinds of sponsorships and advertising from companies we respect and products we like. Past opportunities for sponsorship/advertising have included:

  • Monthly, paid for guaranteed ad space on the site
  • Commissioned product ad placements (affiliate sales, etc.)
  • Sponsored giveaways and promotions
  • Products given for review

**Please note that while we appreciate and respect our sponsors and advertisers, our review policy applies to all products, whether we received them through sponsorship or not. We strive to avoid both rudeness and sugar-coating and to provide honest, intelligent, objective reviews. It is also our policy to contact our sponsors if we did not like a product and offer them the chance to remedy the issue.

Some statistics and facts about QueerieBradshaw.com and our readers:

  • Our average product giveaway has around 300 entrants, but can often exceed over 600 total entrants.
  • Our mailing list has over 500 loyal readers.
  • According to Google Analytics, we average 19,000 page views a month and 2,500 unique visitors a month, however, this number is growing and recently we received over 4,500 unique visitors in a month.
  • QueerieBradshaw.com is read in over 56 countries with a majority of our readers coming from the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Sweden.
  • While we are still in the process of collecting user data, we know from our interactions with readership that they tend to be in their mid-20’s to early-40’s, college students and/or college-educated, lower-middle to middle class, liberal leaning – especially in regards to feminism, LGBT rights, minority rights – and eager to support businesses whose politics and practices align with their beliefs.

Interested in sponsorship or advertising on QueerieBradshaw.com?

Email info[at]queeriebradshaw[dot]com or fill out the form below for more information.


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