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Sex: Toe Sucking, aka My Experiences with Foot Fetishists

I’ve come across a couple of men in my dating life that have a fetish for sucking on toes. I didn’t understand the fascination of it but I was open to try it. I was a little reserved because I’m … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s New CEO is Pregnant?! Gasp! What Now?!

I hope you picked up on the sarcastic tone of the title above. I guess I’m not surprised at the fact that this is even considered “news” due to the lack of respect of intelligent women in this man-made world. … Continue reading

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Stuff We Love: All Writers and Bloggers a.k.a. the #BigDealCampaign

Welcome writers from my workshops in Seattle and the San Diego State University Writers Conference! Thanks for keeping in touch and stopping by! The personal is political. – Carol Hanisch By writing and blogging, we take our personal stories and … Continue reading

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Sex: Penis Stereotypes

It’s fair to say that I’ve slept with a fair amount of men to the point where my sexual curiosity makes me wonder about a lot of things. Prior to my active sex life, I would be very quiet and … Continue reading

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Confessions: My Anderson Cooper Fantasy

So as we all heard yesterday Anderson Cooper made an official announcement that he is in fact gay. Of course we all knew that already and I think an announcement probably wasn’t necessary, but more power to him for finally … Continue reading

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NBC Airs First Interview of Tyler Clementi’s Parents

The parent’s of former Rutgers University student who committed suicide in 2010, Tyler Clementi, sat down for an exclusive  interview with NBC airing tonight at 10pm/9c. The interview comes just a few days after Dharun Ravi, who was convicted of … Continue reading

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Relationships: The One Who Flips You Upside Down

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately and how powerful they can be. Anyone can have a plan of their future and picture how they want to spend their lives, but suddenly they fall in love with the “one … Continue reading

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Sex: Oral Sex Is Not A Loop Hole

I understand the concept of virginity. I understand the innocence and purity one wants to keep until that person is finally ready to have sex on their wedding night. I understand all of that because I’ve been that person. I … Continue reading

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Off Our Chests: Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate, Hate Leads to Suffering

It was law school graduation this weekend and all I want to do is yell at every person I see posting a “woohoo school’s out let’s partay!” comment on Facebook. I’m so angry at everyone who gets to party, everyone … Continue reading

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“I’m Queer, I Swear” Tattoo, a.k.a. Will Someone in this Damn Coffee Shop Just Hit on Me Already

One of the reasons I’m so out and proud and boisterous about being a big ol’ queerbo is that people always assume I’m straight. Even gay people. Once, while working Long Beach Pride for Curve Magazine, I got asked by … Continue reading

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