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Queerie Me: Why Do People Like Doing Drag

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, My friends and I went to a drag queen bar the other night and it made me wonder why people do drag. I just don’t get it. I thought you might be able to explain. Drag Incompetent … Continue reading

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In Honor of National Clitoris Day: How Cocks Helped Me Understand Clits

Today is National Clitoris Day! I have no idea why it’s today and not everyday. I also have no idea if this is a real thing or just something I celebrate, but somewhere along the line I was told that … Continue reading

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Stuff We Love: All Writers and Bloggers a.k.a. the #BigDealCampaign

Welcome writers from my workshops in Seattle and the San Diego State University Writers Conference! Thanks for keeping in touch and stopping by! The personal is political. – Carol Hanisch By writing and blogging, we take our personal stories and … Continue reading

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NBC Airs First Interview of Tyler Clementi’s Parents

The parent’s of former Rutgers University student who committed suicide in 2010, Tyler Clementi, sat down for an exclusive  interview with NBC airing tonight at 10pm/9c. The interview comes just a few days after Dharun Ravi, who was convicted of … Continue reading

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“I’m Queer, I Swear” Tattoo, a.k.a. Will Someone in this Damn Coffee Shop Just Hit on Me Already

One of the reasons I’m so out and proud and boisterous about being a big ol’ queerbo is that people always assume I’m straight. Even gay people. Once, while working Long Beach Pride for Curve Magazine, I got asked by … Continue reading

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President Obama Announces His Support For Gay Marriage, Four Years Too Late, Two Days After Biden

The breaking news all around the Twittersphere and Facebooks is that President Obama has just announced his support of gay marriage. Four years too late. And two days after his Vice-President Biden beat him to the punch.   Where was … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: If You’re a Lesbian, Why Would You Date Transmen?

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, You’re a lesbian, right? So why do you like transmen and women who look like men? Doesn’t that defeat the whole point? Confused Straight Girl   Dear CSG, I actually get that question a lot and the … Continue reading

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North Carolina Passes Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment, Pisses Me Off

Blacks and whites shouldn’t get married. People of color should sit on the back of the bus and go to separate schools. The Chinese and the Irish should stick to their part of town. Women shouldn’t be allowed in the … Continue reading

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Interview: Adrien & Slaven, Creators of “#1 must have” Queer Photo-Zine

Their partnership started with a Lick.   Adrien was DJing and Slaven dropped by. Soon Slaven was DJing as well and the two of them were running the popular queer club night in Seattle together.   Through Lick, a community … Continue reading

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Do you know your rights?

The National Center for Lesbian Rights (my personal favorite LGBT rights organization) has put together a quiz to test your knowledge of your rights. Take it, learn your rights and get a free sticker! It’s a no lose situation! Go … Continue reading

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