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Sin WIN! of the week: Cuba's First Known Trans Wedding

Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada wed this weekend in Cuba’s first-known transgendered wedding. Iriepa – whose sex change was paid for by the state – looks stunning in her now internationally famous wedding pictures. The bitch. I mean, really, tall, gorgeous … Continue reading

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Sin WIN!: 7-Eleven party

D.E.’s birthday is 7/7 and this year it was 7/7/11, so we had to, of course, throw a 7-Eleven party. The party started with my loot from 7-Eleven. Which had to include Snickers and Twix ice cream bars along with … Continue reading

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Sin WIN!: New York Passes Same-Sex Marriage

The news is out and we have another state that recognizes gay marriage. Sure, this doesn’t end child sex trafficking or genocide, but to a lot of people, marriage recognition provides a dignity, respect and access that makes life worth … Continue reading

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Sin WIN!: Making Out During a Riot

Turns out Americans aren’t the only ones that riot for ridiculous reasons, like losing a sports game. However, not all Canadians are the meat-head, burly, testosterone filled hooligans. Some, like our Sin WIN! of the Week award winners, make love, … Continue reading

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Sin WIN!: Bill Maher and Jane Lynch read Weinerlogues

Rep. Weiner’s sin wasn’t sending this picture of his (rather large) cock to the whole wide Twitterverse, it was not knowing how to use Twitter. Seriously, doesn’t he have an intern to teach him the difference between a Tweeted reply … Continue reading

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