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Belly Aches, a.k.a. Fat-Shaming Has Made Me Afraid to Go to The Doctor

There is a sharp pain in my right side and I refuse to go to the doctor about it. Here is why: When I was 7, I went to my first fat doctor. I remember sitting there naked with my … Continue reading

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Queens Watching Queens, a.k.a. My Nights Hanging with Bianca Del Rio in NYC

Bianca del Rio is a bitch, and I fucking love her for it. Years ago, while I was interning with Curve Magazine, I met this guy named Matt at a gay ski week in Tahoe. Matt worked as a cameraman … Continue reading

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Queerie Bradshaw Does the Midwest: Part 2 – Bookstores, Sex Stores and Donut Shops

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” –Virginia Woolf While I’ve written some of my best work absolutely broke sitting in a library full of people, I think there’s something to … Continue reading

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Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day, a.k.a. How to Embrace This Holiday and Make It Your Own

Valentine’s Day is the popular kid everyone loves to hate, but I’ve always loved this holiday. It started in high school, when my friend and I decided that Valentine’s Day was a great excuse to make an amazing meal, sneak … Continue reading

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Help: I’m Taking a Last-Minute Road Trip from Wisconsin to San Diego and Need Places to Visit

  Yesterday, Alex asked me if I by chance wanted to drive a Subaru Outback with her from Wisconsin to San Diego. “GIANT BALLS OF TWINE! ROAD FOOD! CORN FIELDS!” was my response. So, starting Wednesday, we’re driving down and … Continue reading

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Women Talking About Sex. At Disneyland.

The fabulous Mona Darling, also known as Dead Cow Girl on the Internet, gathered together some amazing and real stories written by women about their experiences with sex and sexuality. The final product is the informative and entertaining book Glitter: … Continue reading

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Stuff We Love: Homemade Vagina Ornaments

The Holidays are an unhealthy obsession for me. I think it has to do with my love for twinkle lights and jingle bells. In years past, I’d only listen to holiday music and watch holiday movies from the day after … Continue reading

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Temptation Tuesday: I Want to Bake Cookies and Cry, aka PMS Strikes Again

Chocolate chips, recently metled, so warm they explode gooey goodness into your mouth with each bite.   I’ve been sick in bed with the stomach flu, unable to keep anything down, and yet warm, gooey chocolate chips sound so good … Continue reading

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Adventures in the Kitchen, aka I’m a Real Adult Now

Baked, stuffed tomatoes with sausage and rice, pasta with homemade parmesan and romano cream sauce, steamed peas, and a double-chocolate brownie cake with powdered sugar and whipped cream to top it off. If your mouth isn’t watering right now, I … Continue reading

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Pastrami & Peepshows, or Why I Love New York City

The fun I had in New York City was too sinful for words, so I’m showing you in pictures instead.

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