Quick and Easy Chicken and Waffles

Somehow – one never really knows how these things happen – the beau and I woke up Sunday morning with a serious hankerin’ for some chicken and waffles.

Unfortunately, we spent all day lallygagging around and the famous Stevie’s Chicken and Waffle cart was closed.We tried multiple other places, but ended up settling for some not-as-satisfying-but-still–very-scrumptious blueberry pancakes at the Cup and Saucer (who thankfully let us in to eat even though they were about to close).

Mmm pancakes. That’s my this-is-not-chicken-and-waffles-but-it’s-still-yummy face.

But alas, pancakes are not chicken and waffles and soon my hankerin’ returned with a fury that evening. I headed to the market, hoping to suppress my belly with something healthier, when God sent me a sign: both frozen waffles AND buckets of fried chicken were on super sale.

I had no choice but to obey God’s will and buy both.

What came next was one of the easiest, most scrumptious meals I’ve made in a long while.

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This recipe is really easy and only takes about 20 minutes, depending on how you heat up the chicken. Because everything is store bought and pre-made, calculating calories is impossible, but I guess it’s somewhere between heart attack and not as bad as you think. All in all, the meal cost me about $20, including expensive sheep cheese, for about 4-8 servings depending on your appetite (it lasted me 4).


  • Fried Chicken (or grilled if you want to be healthy)
  • Frozen waffles (or homemade waffles if you’ve got the time)
  • Spinach, about 1/2 a pound
  • Cheese (might I suggest a nutty aged sheep or a spreadable goat)

Heat/cook the chicken, toast/make the waffles and steam the spinach.

Store bought fried chicken took about 20 minutes on 350 to reheat.

Spinach with a bit of water took about 10 minutes on medium to steam.

Assemble all the ingredients as you wish and enjoy! See, I told you it was quick and easy!

The best part is, I only heated up about 2/3 of the chicken for our dinner that night, so I have fried chicken and waffles in the freezer for whenever I get a hankerin’ again!

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