Let’s Keep In Touch

Starting January 22, 2014, I’m taking a step back from social media, and am going completely off Facebook. I’m doing this because I want to make more meaningful connections with you.

Here’s how we can better connect with each other.

1. This blog.

Those things that I used to tweet and post on Facebook, the time I used to spend scrolling through feeds will now be put into posts with substance. If you’d like an email sent to you every time I post something new, you can subscribe to my blog over there on the right. —————–>

2. Your blogs.

I started depending too much on Facebook to read the writing that all of you are doing, which is very unfair because social media is just the tip of the iceberg to the complexity that is you all. So, I’m going to make a point to read your blogs and support your more in-depth writing endeavors.

3. My Mailing Lists

My mailing lists are a way for you to get occasional updates about giveaways, workshops, guides, books and other major happenings. I have one for people who want updates about Queerie Bradshaw, and another who only want updates about Creativity Squared and the online classes I offer. Feel free to join either or both.

4. My Podcast

The Queerie Bradshaw Sex Podcast features conversations about sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity with people from all walks of life, including experts, porn stars, sex educators, writers, bloggers and people just like you. You can subscribe on itTunes or listen online.

5. My YouTube Channel

4. Email

Want a quick response from me? See a particular article you think I’d like? Write something you think I should read? Just want to say hi? Let’s email! Info[at]QueerieBradshaw[dot]com.

5. Snail Mail

Letter writing isn’t a lost art, or at least it isn’t in my world. I love sending and receiving mail, so if you’d like to be pen pals, or if you simply want to say hello, I can be reached at:

Lauren Marie Fleming
7710 Hazard Center Dr. #139
San Diego, CA 92108

6. In Person

I’ve got a lot of upcoming speaking events, gigs, workshops and conferences where I love interacting with readers. Come say hi! I don’t bite unless it’s consensual.

7. On Social Media

While I’m cutting back from social media, and prefer other forms of communication, I can still be found often on Twitter & Instagram, and occasionally on Google+, GoodReads and Pinterest.

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