Esa Pinche Puta que es La Jan Brewer!

It’s Friday night 11:36pm and I am so fucking livid about Arizona Governor Jan Brewer passing today’s bill banning funding to Planned Parenthood centers. I was browsing online, reading some news articles before going to bed, when I ran into this fucking article!! It seriously boils my blood to read the passing of this bill and I’ve been spitting out loud Spanish cuss words (English too) at how close-minded esta pinche vieja desgraciada can cut funds to organizations that are life-saving providing cancer-screening procedures to countless women everywhere. All for her personal opposition on abortion, which is a LEGAL and personal choice for any woman to have!



This bill is one of three that were passed this Friday, including one that declares pregnancies begin two weeks before conception. What kind of fucking shit is that?! Gestation begins when women ovulate and not when inseminated?! Are you kidding me?! It makes me sarcastically wonder “Am I having a monthly abortion every time I ovulate but don’t get pregnant?” Really?! With bills like these passing, women will soon no longer have any rights to their own bodies.

I’ve expressed in the past how important Planned Parenthood organizations are to everyone. Even me, a single full-time working female who doesn’t need or use Planned Parenthood thanks to my benefits my employer provides.  The thing that pisses me off the most is how Planned Parenthood is portrayed as this horrendous abortion clinic. When, in actuality, only three percent of services provided are abortions services. The majority of what Planned Parenthood provides are health services like contraception, STD testing and treatment, cancer screening and prevention, and other educational health services.



I absolutely hate that just because one person is against abortion, all these other services are in risk of shutting down (if not shut already) to people who need them and depend on them. It’s completely misleading and with these ridiculous bills passing, those who are against abortion aren’t even considering the good Planned Parenthood can and does do. Yes, it’s understandable there are a lot of people who are highly against abortion, but why should that personal choice condemn others who think and believe differently? How is this legal choice personally affecting them? It’s not happening to them, it’s happening to the person who chooses it.

It needs to be known what other extremely beneficial services Planned Parenthood provides. If abortion is the only argument people like Jan Brewer have, then the facts need to be presented (or slapped) to her face and make her realize what she is doing is wrong. Shutting down Planned Parenthood because of a small percent of the one service they provide she doesn’t agree with is not good enough of a reason. It never will be.

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