From Fat To….Less Fat: I Will Be Victorious!

I’ve realized that I’ve entered this healthy challenge at a difficult time. During the holidays I am confronted with many traditional foods that are often the cause of my weight gain, due to little to no self control. I am bombarded with my favorite holiday eats like stuffing, gravy, cheesecakes, tamales, and pozole (Mexican stew). I’ve been mentally preparing (if such a thing exists) on how to confront these foods without over-indulging and I’m hoping to conquer the cravings and second servings.

These first two weeks of my challenge have not been too difficult, but I know I could have done better. Normally when I jump into a few days of following the Weight Watchers program, my body sort of goes into shock and I lose a huge amount of weight on my first week. I remember the first time I joined a few years ago after fully committing for one week, I lost 11 pounds. I was so surprised that I got off the scale and got back on again just to make sure. Of course, those results later slow down as my body slowly adjusts to eating healthier, but nevertheless still losing consistently.

I know I could have done better because what normally is a huge loss when re-committing to Weight Watchers, only turned out to be a 6 pound loss at the end of my first two weeks on plan. I’m not upset about it because it’s still a loss. However, I know that during weekend visits to family and friends in my hometown, I tend get a little less conscious of the foods I eat and just enjoy them rather than think about them. But with the holidays already in motion, I’m hoping to grasp some sort of self control to continue losing, even if the extra slice of cheesecake is staring straight at my face. I will be victorious!

Even though I ate things I shouldn’t have and fell a off the Weight Watchers plan during my visits to Brawley (my hometown), I feel like I’m learning to deal with trying to make this healthy change one day at a time. Instead of counting how many days I can last eating healthy and doing exercise, I’m trying to figure out what good I can do for my body in the present day. I admit that I have gained most of my weight by wanting to start a diet the next day, so I end up pigging out the night before. But after so many failed attempts to diet and pigging out the night before so I can start fresh the next day, I’ve realized that not only am I going to continue to gain weight, but I’m never going to change. I sort of had this epiphany where if I eat something I shouldn’t have because I just had to have it, it doesn’t mean I should eat whatever I want the rest of the day. I can still save myself by accepting what I ate and continue at that very moment with changing to healthier eating choices.

When I was in Brawley for weekend get-togethers with my family and Thanksgiving break, I ate pozole, BBQ ribs, Thanksgiving dinner, cheesecake, stuffed-with-cream-cheese-wrapped-in-bacon-jalapeños that I made myself, and lots of other delicious foods that would make impossible to resist. But I fiercely watched my portions and didn’t serve myself seconds. Did I want more? Hell yes! Those were some good-ass BBQ ribs! But like I said, I’m finding it easier to commit to the present day and see what good I can do for myself in that single day.

My next trip to Brawley won’t be until Christmas break and that will be a true test for me since it will be for a whole week. When I’m in my home inOceanside, I’m in my comfort zone and in my own environment, protecting myself by controlling what is around me trying to make this Weight Watcher program work. However, when I’m in Brawley where I jump from house to house, due to having a large family, going from meal to meal (not to mention Johnny’s Burrito restaurant – a favorite eatery for many, including myself), I feel so out of my element and fear losing control. In the past, I’ve even told myself “Guess I won’t follow Weight Watchers this weekend since I’ll be in Brawley and I’ll just eat what I want.” I don’t want to do that anymore. I am ready to change. I am going to really have to commit to each and every day that I am there to find out what good I can do for my body and myself that day. Whether it’s to watch my portions for the day, eat only light, or go for a long walk, it has to come down to one day at a time. And sometimes, one meal at a time.

But in the meantime, I have a couple of weeks to practice this commitment to each day and I fully intend to succeed. I will be victorious! See you in two weeks!

Current update:

Beginning Weight: When pigs fly!

Current Weight: Shut yo filthy mouth!

Measurements: Kiss-my-fat-ass!

Exercise: A little less non-existent!

Total Loss: -22 pounds

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