From Fat to…Less Fat: Is it Possible?

This morning I stepped on the scale after not having set foot on it from two weeks ago when I wrote my last update. I looked at the numbers on the scale, made a confused face, and stepped off. I stepped on it again, saw the same numbers and thought “Let me just check one more time.” I stepped off it again, waited a few seconds, stepped on, and saw the same numbers on the digital display. A smile took over my face, followed by a giggle, and a happy-fat-girl dance.  I don’t think I’ve ever lost anything during Christmas and New Year’s break.  I never even thought it was possible!!

Like many, the holidays are an extremely challenging time to lose weight. From rich fatty foods seen out of every corner of our eyes, to lazy days of wanting to stay indoors and just enjoy spending time with family and friends. The temptation is incredibly hard to resist so we give in and consume way more than we need. And for someone like me, one slip down that slope and I immediately fall into a much longer and unnecessary ride of unhealthy eating. Which is why I stick to my daily commitment of asking myself every morning when I wake up “What good can I do for my body today?” I will admit that everyday isn’t always successful. But the more I practice each day, the better it gets. And the better it gets, the more results I see with my mind, my body, and my taste in food.

I knew Christmas and New Year’s was going to be a challenge for me. Especially when I’m around family and friends who all bring a casserole of this or a dessert plate of that. But I wanted to tackle each day as it came and make it a great day. A day where I didn’t want to crave food, but instead, crave the satisfaction of having had a good day. As with any lifestyle change, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I was surrounded by sweets, salts, pozole, and tamales galore. And oh man, those tamales!!  Homemade from the love of my mother and beautiful sisters, they were definitely hard to resist! Yes, I did enjoy them, but in a portion controlled manner and felt satisfied to the point where I didn’t need to eat five or six.

I kept my walking going during my visit. I woke up early and walked at Cattle Call circle – a favorite running/walking route in Brawley. I wanted to sleep in and stay in my pajamas, but it seems like the more I’ve been walking, the more energy I wake up with. I first noticed this burst of energy in the mornings back in March of last year when I started training for my first 5k. The more my body is active and the more I eat well, the easier it is to sleep soundly throughout the night.

It’s not easy to keep up this routine. If it were, then everybody would be thin and athletic. It takes dedication and what sometimes feels like a sacrifice. During those moments where you want to give up, plop yourself on the couch with a big bucket of ice cream, and just watch television for hours on end, it truly feels like a sacrifice to give that up because it’s just so much easier to do just that. But I’m relentless. I’m seeing results in my weight loss and in my exercise. It’s been about a month since I started walking again and I’ve increased my distance by more than half a mile (see photos).

started at 3/4 of a mile











now up to 1.4 miles











As of now, I’m in this strong momentum of eating well and exercising. The hardest part is getting started. But once you’re in this zone, man it feels good. The trick is not to fall off the momentum. I’ve fallen off it so many times but never recognized what causes me to fall. This time, I’ll be ready for it to hit me if it does. And I’m going to try my damn hardest to knock it out the way. See you in two weeks!

Current update:

Beginning Weight: 22 more to lose and I’ll tell ya!

Current Weigh: Shut yo filthy mouth!

Measurements: (pulls-out-the-middle-finger)

Exercise: Walking

Total Loss: – 28 pounds


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