It’s Associate Editor Jessenia Lua’s Birthday, I Baked a Virtual Cake

Jessenia and I met in grade school. We are from a small town, so you know everyone, but we didn’t really hang out together or know each other on a personal level until about a year ago, when Facebook re-introduced us to each other and our mutual love for writing.

This is how I remember Jessenia in HS. She's second from left, pictured with her close friends.


Now she’s a good friend and the associate editor of this here site I run. We chat a bit too late into the night about our vision for this site, our upcoming trip to NYC and, of course, sex. We’ve started a support group for women writers from our border town who are bored of being home alone writing all day and night (we call it Las Bordistas) and we have dragged another friend into the group as well.

This is the picture she sent me this morning of her on her birthday.


The best part about knowing Jessenia now, though, isn’t the random hilarious emails she sends, it isn’t the amazing help she gives me that I needed on this site, it isn’t even the Emoji emoticons for texts messages she introduced me to, the best part about knowing Jessenia over the past year has been watching her blossom.

Jessenia in HS, on the right.

This once awkward, shy, wallflower has worked hard to love, accept and have pride in who she is, and her writing on this site reflects that transition. I am honored to get to read her work and have such an intimate association with her blossoming.

Jessenia did her first 5k a year ago and wrote about it for the site.


So, I baked her a cake in Photoshop to show the love.

I'm not sure it's edible.


Happy birthday Jessenia. This site (and the whole Interworld) is a better place because you’re in it.

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