Lust Sex Toy Review: The Bodywand Series Review

When I first got The Bodywand series to review, I made fun of the seemingly prudish “personal massager” terminology of the products. Just call a sex toy a sex toy! I thought, until one painful day at the gym had me busting out the largest of the three toys and using it on my gluteus maximus. No, not in that way. Soon, I found myself using these toys on every single muscle in my body. Yes, even in that way.


The whole family.

The skinny: 

  • Overall Bang for the Buck: 4/5
  • Aesthetics: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Kinkiness: 1/5
  • Comfort/Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Realism: 1/5
  • Care/Cleanliness: 3/5
  • Partner Play: 4/5
  • Self Love: 4/5
  • The Big “O”: 4/5
  • Environmentally friendly: 3/5 for the larger ones, 1/5 for the smaller one
  • Would I buy for myself or a friend?: Yes, but not the mini-massager.

The Good: The best part about The Bodywand series is how strong they are, even the little one. The two bigger ones have adjustable knobs that allow for every speed variation between gentle and jackhammer so you can find that perfect speed for you, but the little one only has set speeds. The smallest one is strong for it’s size, but it uses a lot of batteries, making it far from environmentally friendly. The largest one plugs into the wall, so it packs the biggest punch and is great for home use. The medium-sized one, however, is almost as powerful and is rechargable, making it great for home use or taking with you when you travel. I love not having to use so many batteries – now if I could only remember to charge it.

The Bad: To me and my partner, the knob to adjust the speed is counter-intuitive. Down is up and up is down and we’ve ruined a few orgasms accidentally going to a vibration speed we weren’t expecting. The Bodywands also only have a single repeated pulsation, lacking the various rhythms that other vibrators often have. The little one has rhinestones I don’t like aesthetically and I really don’t like when they come off, sticking to my thigh and making D.E. freak out during sex that I have a “weird mole” growing. It’s also not really environmentally friendly (made out of plastic and uses lots of batteries) so I’d probably pass on buying that one again.

The Bottom Line: The Bodywand series’ adjustable power makes it great for use both as a sex toy and a body massager.

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**Review policy statement: It is Sinful Misadventures’ policy to notify our readers if an item we review was received at a free or discounted rate. It is also our policy to be as completely honest as possible without being cruel or mean, no matter what we paid for the item or service we are reviewing. Please visit our review policy page for more information on how we review. For this article, we received the following items:

  • Free Original Massager, Rechargeable Massager and Mini-Massager to review

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3 Responses to Lust Sex Toy Review: The Bodywand Series Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re the best! This was so helpful, thank you!

  2. emma says:

    Omg this changed my life i couldnt get anything to get me to a great orgasm but now omg its my best friend. I tried the small one but it had run out of battery life and needed something that was going to keep going so i could get to that heighth and i would never change my mind about his purchase. Only problem is the controls but i can live with it and also the vibration sound is too loud.
    Other than that any woman looking for a new toy well you have definately found one xx

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