Meet Us: We’re Going to BlogHer12 to Have Blorgies, aka I May Get Some People Fired

This weekend, on Twitter, I created a new word: Blorgy, n. a group of bloggers together being debaucherous.*

Soon thereafter, Mr. Lady created another word: Queeried, v. When someone gets fired for talking about BlogHer 12 Blorgies on Twitter.


Well, hopefully Mr. Lady gets to keep her conference job with BlogHer because I was looking forward to meeting her in person in New York. You know who I’m also looking forward to meeting?


She needed a little touch up.


The best part about conferences, especially conferences for people like me who spend way too much time on the Internet, is actually meeting the people you interact with online in person. We comment, we tweet, we “like” each other on Facebook, but conferences are the only quality drunken karaoke bonding time we get.

Oh I do love conferences!

Especially when I’m speaking at them. Last year, I was a BlogHer Newbie and I recently wrote for BlogHer about how nervous and alone I felt heading into my first major conference. As a speaker, I feel it is my duty to reach out to newbies, both to blogging and the conference, and invite them to join the various blorgies throughout the weekend.

Feel free to use this on your site! Just link back to the Big Deal campaign to spread the word.


I’ve created the “I’m a Big Deal” campaign (#BigDealCampaign) to help nervous bloggers like me feel like they’re not only welcome but important. If I encourage a few of them to join the blorgies as well, then woohoo my job here is done!

So, if you’re at BlogHer or just following #BlogHer12 online, come find me to say hi, get an “I’m a Big Deal” sticker and join in the blorgies. You can find me speaking on blogging as a business during Pathfinder Day, on the panel for sex bloggers on Saturday or in the Expo Hall getting as much free stuff as possible.


*Note: While as a sex blogger I encourage the stereotypical meaning of the word orgy, blorgies include all forms of debauchery, from drunken karaoke to gluttonous food fests to wholesome laughter filled hanging out. So don’t think you have to get jiggy with it to have a blorgy, you just have to have fun.

*Another note: Associate editor Jessenia Lua will also be with me at BlogHer and she is a BlogHer Newbie, so welcome her with open arms!

About Queerie Bradshaw

Lauren Marie Fleming is a writer, speaker and motivator known for her intimate, informative and often hilarious look at sex, relationships and body-image. Lauren runs the critically-acclaimed blog, writes for major news sources including VICE, Nerve, Huffington Post and Curve, and is the author of her memoir Losing It: My Life as a Sex Blogger. In 2013, Lauren founded Frisky Feminist Press ( as a way to enhance conversations about sexuality through educational guides, online classes and entertaining publications. A law school graduate, Lauren has spoken all over the United States and is internationally recognized for her dynamic, engaging style. In everything she does, Lauren’s goal is to educate, remove stigmas and encourage people to achieve their desires.
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11 Responses to Meet Us: We’re Going to BlogHer12 to Have Blorgies, aka I May Get Some People Fired

  1. Mr Lady says:



  2. Suzy Q says:

    I’ll be there and I’ve already promised you hugs and inappropriate gropes! I’ll save some for Mr. Lady, too! #blorgie

  3. Cat says:

    I hope I’m brave enough to invite myself to a few blorgies and introduce myself. Plan to be at the big parties looking relaxed in my awkwardness.

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  5. I can’t wait to Blorgy with you!

  6. katie says:

    Thanks Bradshaw!
    I’m a speaker AND a newbie – nervous doesn’t quite cut it! But I’m also totally down with owning this whole “i’m a big deal” business.
    Hope I run into you!

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