Qliterature, a.k.a. A List of Must Read Queer Literature

I’m a bad literate queer. I haven’t read much queer literature at all. I asked Twitter for some recommendations and the list was so huge, I had to share it here. This is just another example of why you should follow me on Twitter. I may need you for something seriously crucial at some point.


Suggestions by @bibliobutch:

Suggestions by @TheAllisonMoon (I suggest you get her lesbian werewolf novels too!):

Suggestions by @KeAnne:

Suggestion by @JamieJHagen:

Suggestions by @bcmgsupermommy:

Suggestion from @BruCube:

Suggestion by @SuzyQuzey:

Suggestion by @nerdtaculurr:

  • Lost Souls and Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite, who now goes by Billy Martin

My suggestions:

Also, Flavorwire published a post about 50 Essential Works of LGBT Fiction that has more on it, if you’ve made your way through this list. Also, they wrote an interesting piece on whether America is ready for The Great Gay Novel.

I’m kind of overwhelmed now. Can I borrow about $1000 from someone to buy new books? And about $1000 a month to get a bigger apartment to store these books? What are your favorite queer books?

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