Queerie Bradshaw Lost Her Virginity to my High School Crush!

“Oh my God! I’m so fucking jealous!” were the words coming out of my mouth upon hearing high school friend Lauren (aka Queerie Bradshaw, the owner of this site) lost her virginity to my high school crush!

One of my major crushes in high school was two years older than me. When I was a sophomore, he was a senior. Therefore, graduating high school two years before I did and leaving me with no one around to give me butterflies whenever I would “accidentally” bump into him on breaks between classes. But as I entered junior year, my eyes wandered around and fell so heavily on an oh-so-cute-adorable-bubbled-butt boy.

I became a little devious in our mutual English class. Maybe perhaps that’s why I became so fond of literature and writing; the fact that it was in our English class I was most alert! Our teacher would divide us up into groups or asks us who we wanted to work with. The first time, I manipulated the dividing system our teacher had to split our groups. Don’t ask me how, but I got to work with him. The second time, the teacher asked me who I wanted to work with and my finger pointed straight to him!

One of my best memories of crushing on him was when he went to my house to work on our English project. He sat across from me at our dining room table and we discussed our presentation. It was easy to get lost in his blue eyes. (Sigh). As soon as he left I called my best friend telling her “Oh my God! Guess who just left my house?!” Oh to be in high school again. (Sigh again).

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He was sweet. He was kind. And I never told him how much I crushed on him; which was actually kind of strange now that I think about it because I had a reputation around my friends of being able to tell my crushes I have a crush on them.

So here I am, ten years later, having a phone conversation with Queerie way past our bedtime. Catching up on our lives, our mutual love for writing, feeling appreciative of how she let’s me have this forum to explore my writing, talking about old high school crushes, when suddenly she drops that bomb on me that caused me to swear the lord’s name in vain and cuss out loud, “You what?! I’m so fucking jealous!”

I have to admit it took me back to old high school gossip days when all you did was share secrets with your closest friends.  And Queerie has become just that. A wonderful close friend who I can talk about anything with. But I’m still jealous!

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