Our recommended sex toys and accessories

As sexperts, we’re often asked for recommendations on our favorite sex toys and accessories and are happy to help people out in their search for sexual satisfaction. Here is a list of some of our current favorites. Because favorites change and grow, be sure to check this page often for new suggestions.

Sex Stores

While there are plenty of sex shops out there, not all of them offer safe toys in a safe environment. It’s important to find a sex toy shop that understands and caters to your special needs, and these shops do just that.

  • With offices in Seattle and Brooklyn, Babeland offers sex toys for a passionate world, online or in their stores.
  • Based in the San Francisco Bay area but also available online, Good Vibrations was my first female positive sex store and is still top on my list of places to go when I visit. Good Vibes also offers helpful, informative sex education at their How To site.


Many sex toys contain phlatates that are dangerous for yourself and your environment. Be sure to research your toys and ask questions before you buy.

  • Being both eco-friendly and wonderfully designed, The Fling is a fabulous choice for anyone looking to explore G-Spot stimulation.


Don’t underestimate the importance of lube. Providing both protection from friction and extra stimulation, lube is an important part of sex and your lubricant should be safe and satisfying.

  • Liquid Silk offers a nice, thicker option than most lubes, without too much leftover sticky residue.


  • Kink Kits offer a great way to venture out of your comfort zone and into BDSM.


  • Not only does the Love Bumper make a great back rest and pillow prop when you’re working on your blog in bed, it also offers a great way to lift your pelvis, head, neck, whatever to a more comfortable and stimulating position during sex.

Sex Education Books

  • Written by the co-owners of Babeland, Moregasm is insightful and informative no matter what your level of sexpertise.
  • Also written by the folks over at Babeland, Sexy Mamas is helpful for those trying to regain a love life after having children.

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