The #SexEdHangout Series

Join the top experts in the field of sexuality as they answer your questions live!


The #SexEdHangout Series is part of my mission to bring accessible, judgment-free, comprehensive sex education to the masses to make each and every one of you feel confident, comfortable and content in your skin as you are right now, this very second.

View the hangouts all together, in one playlist simply by clicking here. Or view them each individually by clicking their links below.

There are three ways to ask questions of our guests:

  1. Join live and ask in the Q&A app that accompanies the hangout.
  2. Go the the event page on Google+ and ask it in the comments.
  3. Email and I’ll ask it for you – just let me know if you want to be anonymous or not.

Upcoming #SexEdHangout Guests:



Sinclair SexsmithSquare

Past Hangouts:

You can view the whole series on YouTube in my #SexEdHangout playlist.

Prefer audio to video?

All these hangouts will also be a part of the Queerie Bradshaw Podcast, available on iTunes or to download for any device at

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2 Responses to The #SexEdHangout Series

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  2. Thank you so much!!! I am a sexuality/relationship educator for young teens! I really want to take it further – especially to the adult and senior community!!! I would love to know more about your site and what kinds of classes are offered! Thanks!

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