Sin WIN!: 7-Eleven party

D.E.’s birthday is 7/7 and this year it was 7/7/11, so we had to, of course, throw a 7-Eleven party.

The party started with my loot from 7-Eleven.

Which had to include Snickers and Twix ice cream bars along with these hilarious Pocket Rocket type Captain America sugary popsicles.

To be fair, the party actually started before I even got there with D.E.’s amazing “Not Yo Bar” [pronounced “notcho” bar], which was definitely healthier, tastier and less messy, than 7-Eleven nachos.

The “Not Yo Bar” came complete with delicious homemade black bean chili and was the healthiest thing we had.

The 7-Eleven loot kept growing as people kept showing up. The ketchup, mustard and kraut is for the hot dogs that aren’t featured, but were delicious.

Probably the best, most disgusting, item to arrive was the “Blast Colt 45” in Strawberry Watermelon flavor. Goes well with Hubba Bubba bubble tape.


And don’t forget the all important Slurpee, which we mixed with DUDE, Mountain Dew flavored vodka.

The final feast included some Sinsual Shots I got to review in the mail. They’re like 5-Hour energy but made (or at least marketed) for sex. I was feeling sick from all the sugary grossness, so I couldn’t stomach taking one, but Baby and El Dub took one for the team and tried them.

Sinful Shots

Because nothing goes better with 7-Eleven sweets like video games, we had three TVS set-up, with Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Old School NES original Nintendo and Xbox set-up. No one played the X-box.

Yes, that is a Bible Adventure game being played in the background as Baby and El Dub take Sinsual Shots. You, as Noah, have to place two of each animal in the Arc while Bible verses. It’s a bitch of a game that takes a lot of patience and I highly suggest not playing it when you’re high on sugar.

Despite the stomach ache from too many Cheetoh Puffs, it was an amazing night full reminiscing of the days when Keith Sweat and En Vogue were on the radio and we could actually pass a level on Super Mario 3. Happy Birthday D.E., your party is our Sin WIN! of the week.

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