Stuff We Love: Plus-sized Shopping Sprees

It’s been said before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but it fucking sucks shopping when you’re above a size 14.


It’s practically impossible to go on a shopping spree, as spree implies buying more than one outfit, which assumes there is more than one outfit out there that you’d be able to buy.

Ok, so there are outfits I could buy, but rarely more than one thing I would buy at a plus-sized store. Sure, we’ve got the “women’s” department in stores, but have you seen most of that stuff? There’s no room for curves, no room for personality, no room for class. Not to mention every person your size is wearing the same thing because it’s the only thing we have to wear.

I’m so tired of cargo pants with a draw-string waist I could shoot someone (with the gun I keep in my multitude of pockets meant to flatter but only make my thighs look larger).

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That’s why, when weekends like this past one happen, I almost cry inside from excitement.

This weekend, I went on a plus-sized shopping spree.

I’ve been living out of a suitcase for about 6 months and I’m so over my clothes. Now that I’m back up in Oregon and trying to get my life in order once again, it became apparent that I need to get my wardrobe back up to par as well.

Inspired by Lesley Kinzel at xoJane and Jessica Kane of Life and Style of Jessican Kane and Skorch Mag, I branched out past my usual staples and spiced my wardrobe up in a shockingly happy way.

Trying on clothes at Torrid.


I bought heels. I bought skirts. I bought white clothes. I never buy any of those things, but I bought them and even though they’re superficial and consumeristic, I’m so very happy I own them.

First stop was Zahara boutique, where I got everything on super-mega sale, which made me even more happy.

That's a white skirt under there. Wish me luck.

This is my bluegrass band lead singer summer dress. I just need a band.


I didn't forget shoes.


I'm short. These help fix that.



Then I went over to Torrid. I usually hate Torrid – they’re overpriced for how quickly the stuff falls apart and far from unique – but I got some prize pieces this time around.

The shirt under is super see-through and super sexy with a tie.


I was on a see-through spree.


Finally, I went to Chico’s (I’ve never shopped there before) and found an outfit for a job interview I had. I didn’t get the job, but I looked damn good.

Job interview outfit.


I was on such a roll, I almost got this bright red electric indoor/outdoor grill as well! But I decided against it, seeing as I’m still living out of a suitcase.

Feel free to buy me one of these. They're at Brookstone.


But at least that suitcase is now full of adorable clothes.


Do you have problems finding places to shop? Where do you go if you’re plus-sized?

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3 Responses to Stuff We Love: Plus-sized Shopping Sprees

  1. Jessica Kane says:

    AWWWW thank you!!!! You’re so kind and so glad you got the RED BLAZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. #love
    Jessica Kane

  2. Dana says:

    You are too cute! I’m a fabulous size 20/22 and I LOVE shopping! Oddly enough I don’t find other curvy divas in my duds but I’m sort of original that way. ;-) Congrats on the great finds! When does the BlogHer12 shopping spree start?

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