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Sex: Bi-Curious, aka I’m Thinking About Sleeping with Men

I’m like that girl in college who gets bored and wants to make out with girls at a party but she can’t really get down when it comes to touching another woman’s vagina. I’m like that; but with penises. It … Continue reading

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Sex: Penis Stereotypes

It’s fair to say that I’ve slept with a fair amount of men to the point where my sexual curiosity makes me wonder about a lot of things. Prior to my active sex life, I would be very quiet and … Continue reading

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Sex: I Was Afraid Of Boners

While the majority of horny teenagers in high school were experimenting with French kissing, oral sex and intercourse, I was tucked away in my safe and virginal little world.  I was so innocent, so pure, that sometimes I would convey … Continue reading

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