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Queerie Me: What Do Lesbians Think of Straight Women Who Make Out With Girls For Fun

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, I am a mom of two with a wonderful boyfriend. I have always wanted to have sex with a woman though and I am curious how lesbians view straight women who just want it for fun? Do … Continue reading

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Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day, a.k.a. How to Embrace This Holiday and Make It Your Own

Valentine’s Day is the popular kid everyone loves to hate, but I’ve always loved this holiday. It started in high school, when my friend and I decided that Valentine’s Day was a great excuse to make an amazing meal, sneak … Continue reading

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Help Me Help You Learn More About Sex, a.k.a. Choose the Topic for My Next Guide!

With the success of QueerieBradshaw’s Guide to Choosing a Harness, I’m inspired to make a whole line of Queerie Bradshaw guides, but I need your help picking out what’s next. Which topic would you like to read more about?   Am … Continue reading

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Queerie Bradshaw on Tribidism, Body Image and Queer versus Lesbian, a.k.a. I’m On the YouTubes Again

While at Catalyst Con, I met the lovely Lindsey Doe who chatted with me about sex, as one does at a sex conference. When she asked to interview me, I was in a bikini and feeling relaxed and comfortable, having … Continue reading

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Manifesting People Into Your Life, a.k.a. I’m Trying the Relationship Thing Again

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Theodor Seuss Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss   My therapist calls me the “Great Manifestor.” It’s probably more accurate to call me the … Continue reading

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Law and Disorder

Photographer J.Robert Williams took this of me Tuesday night in his studio. I thought I’d share his artistic rendition and flattering words. The Andromedolls are a local derby team that my friend AK-47 plays on. Here’s a picture of AK-47 … Continue reading

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Start Spreading the News

Every year, my law school sends a group of students to the National LGBT Bar Association’s annual conference and career fair. This means a weekend of hot power dykes, well-dressed gay men, and trans hotties all smashed together in conference … Continue reading

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Small Town Pride

Like most things in my all too restful town, Pride is months behind the rest of the country. Instead of celebrating in June, when most of the college town is here, we celebrate in August, the hottest month of the … Continue reading

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Batters Up

With my dildo back in my … hand, I was ready to start looking for sex. Not that I hadn’t been looking, let’s face it, I’m always looking, it was just time to actively seek out what I had been … Continue reading

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