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Sex: Bi-Curious, aka I’m Thinking About Sleeping with Men

I’m like that girl in college who gets bored and wants to make out with girls at a party but she can’t really get down when it comes to touching another woman’s vagina. I’m like that; but with penises. It … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: Should I Tell My Partners I Have HPV? (with Important Information About HPV and Cancer)

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, Should I tell the men I sleep with from here on out that I have mild HPV? I feel I don’t need to tell them since I’ve had all three shots, it’s mild and under control and … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: How Often Should I Get Tested for STDs/STIs?

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, I sleep around, not a lot but I still do. How often should I get tested for STDs? Sincerely, Playing It Safe   Dear PIS, YAY for getting tested! I was actually just tweeting about this today … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: Should I Trust Someone Who Won’t Get Tested?

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, I’ve been dirty talking long distance to this guy for months. We’re finally able to meet up at the end of the month, so I responsibly went to get STD tested and asked him to do the … Continue reading

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