Thirsty Thursday: Damson Plum Lemonade

In the crazy life that is that of Cdub the Philosopher, I had to go to New York for a sec. Pretty much almost literally a sec. I did, however, find time to sit down for a nice brunch before heading back to the airport. And you know what brunch means. Breakfast cocktails! At Danny Meyer’s fabulous Union Square Cafe, I imbibed the light, refreshing and delicious Damson Plum Lemonade.

Damson Plum Lemonade

It’s so cute, right? This lovely breakfast cocktail consists of lemonade, London Dry Gin, Damson Gin Liqueur, Plum Liqueur and a hint of lime. The Damson Plum Lemonade is just sweet enough, and will surely go well with any brunch dish. Enjoy, brunch revelers!

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  1. Daniel Johan says:

    I really enjoy drinking “Damson Plum Lemonade”. I would like to drink it frequently and also some special event whenever I can able to enjoy myself with my closet buddies. This drink has really heart touching flavors. Thanks for written something about it.

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