Thirsty Thursday: Refreshing Summer Beer Snacks

It’s summer and sometimes you want nothing more than a cold one and some crunchy snacks. Right? Right.

Though I spend much of my time philosophizing and dreaming up stupid antics, this amazing combination is the gift of a friend. My friend hates Corona but she drinks it anyway because sometimes it is all that is left in the fridge. I, however, love Corona. When she told me about this amazing combination that even she enjoyed, I knew I’d be in heaven. Yup, it’s good!

Corona and Wasabi Peas

Yes, what you see here is a bottle of Corona and a bag of Wasabi peas. Get on this. You will thank me. Or better yet, thank my friend. This snack is light, refreshing, spicy yet smooth, crunchy and cold. What else do you need in life? Not much!

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