A Healthy Challenge: From Fat To … Less Fat – An Intro

Contributor Jessenia Lua has started A Healthy Challenge as well. Read her intro and welcome her:

I stepped on the scale this morning to see what damage I’ve done to my body after slowing down on exercise and eating whatever I wanted. I had lost nearly 30 pounds and it was the most weight I had ever lost in my life. But that was before and today I wasn’t in shock when I saw that new number on the scale; I was pissed off.

It was Wednesday, January 26, 2011 when I decided to re-join Weight Watchers for the umpteenth time. Only this time, I would commit to going to all of the meetings and weigh-ins no matter loss or gain. I’ve kept that promise to myself. Until recently, as I’ve been avoiding going because of the continued plus (+) sign next to my name in my pocket guide that keeps my weight record.

Yes, I am a serial Weight Watchers joiner and giver-upper. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve re-joined but I keep going back because I know it works. I just don’t stick to it. And I feel it’s the same way with any diet and exercise change. In order for it to work, one must stick to it. My reason for always returning to Weight Watchers is because they have no limitations on the foods you can eat. It literally comes down to self control, portion size, and healthy choices. Which I don’t have! The weekly meetings and weigh-ins one gets from attending them gives a sense of responsibility, accountability, and self-awareness of how the foods you choose to eat, whether good or bad, affect your health and weight.

For the beginning of my starting date on January 26 of this year to the following four months, I was in a phase that is known as the “Weight Watchers honeymoon phase.” The program was livable and I was able to follow it down to the minute detail. I even went as far as beginning an exercise routine that later turned into me accomplishing my very first 5K race. Of course I came in last crying my eyes out, but that’s another story for another time. Still, I refuse to give up on the program because I feel it in my huge gut that it is the program that will get me to a healthy weight range.

I wish I had intuitive healthy eating habits to the point where I don’t have to worry about what amount of calories I’m consuming and what percentage of fat this or that meal has. But I don’t have that. So I’m fully depending on the program to get me there. Once you reach your ultimate goal weight with Weight Watchers, the program then changes so that you can maintain that healthy weight range.

I don’t have a goal weight yet. I’ve never been thin so how can I know what weight my body feels best at? I’m done following Weight Watchers the “Jessenia” version, which is highly to blame for my weight gain, and now am ready to fully get back on plan and follow it as it is written. I will come back with an update every two weeks to show my progress and as soon as I lose 50 pounds, I will reveal that horrible number I saw on my scale this morning as well as my measurements. I would reveal them now, but is just too damn painful to see on record let alone share them with everyone else. I promise they will be revealed one day.

Those close to 30 pounds lost have now become 16 pounds total loss. My once walking-for-over-an-hour tolerant body has now become tolerant of only walking 20 to 30 minutes. It sucks. Wish me luck. See you in two weeks!!

Age: 28

Height: 5’8”

Beginning Weight: yea right!

Current Weight: Yo Momma!

Measurements: Hell-to-the-no!

Exercise: Non existent!

Total Loss: -16 pounds

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  1. Edna Ownby says:

    I am so staying tuned to this story. The ”yo mamma” and ”heck to the no” was too funny by the way.

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