Our Review, Sponsored Giveaway and Sponsored Post Policy

Our Review Policy

The contributors of QueerieBradshaw.com seek to provide honest, intelligent, objective reviews of the products and services we use and the places we frequent. We strive to avoid both rudeness and sugar-coating and like to write our reviews as if talking to friends about our experiences with the product, service or place. Because everyone’s experience is different, we encourage our readers to include their opinions of products, services and places in the comments section of individual review posts. However, we reserve the right to remove comments that are mean or seek to act solely as advertisement for a product, service or place.

If you have a place, product or service you’d like us to review, please email us at info [at] queeriebradshaw [dot] com.

We happily accept free products and services to sample and potentially review, especially products we may not already know, but ask you to notify us ahead of time before sending products to make sure they fit with our editorial schedule. While we always try to be nice and professional, know that a free sample does not mean a free pass, and all of our reviewers are honest about their experience with a product, whether they paid for it or got it for free. That said, we love our sponsors and work well with PR reps and are always willing to discuss our reviews of products and provide feedback.

Because of the high demand of products for us to review, we reserve the right to only post products we love. We don’t want to talk about a product we dislike and you don’t want bad press for your product, so we believe this policy benefits both us and the companies working with us.

No one but Lauren Marie Fleming is authorized to accept free products or services on behalf of this site! If you are interested in sending us a product to review, please email info [at] queeriebradshaw [dot] com first.

Our Sponsored Giveaway or Post Policy

As bloggers, we’re often approached by companies and PR firms asking us to help promote their product through a sponsored post, which is a post for which we received some kind of compensation (i.e. an item to giveaway, a gift card for the company’s products, etc.). While we do turn many down, if they’re products and companies we like and want to support we happily work with them. Our policy for sponsored posts and giveaways is similar to our review policy in that we only write about and support products and companies we like.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to send us a product to review, please email info[at]queeriebradshaw.com or fill out the form below.

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