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Stuff I Love: Sweet and Rough, Sixteen Stories of Queer Smut by Sinclair Sexsmith, plus bonus giveaway of a copy of the book!

I love it when they start to dishevel. Makes me want to tangle her hair, pull at her dress, smear what’s left of her lipstick. I think Sinclair Sexsmith has entered my mind. This is exactly what I want a butch … Continue reading

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Things I Learned About My Vagina at the Portland Academy of Sex Education’s Inaugural Workshop Featuring Kate McCombs and Louise Bourchier

Last week, I attended the very first workshop of the newly minted Portland Academy of Sex Education, and woah, did I learn a lot. The Academy of Sex Education was started to provide a space outside of retail establishments at which … Continue reading

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Mixed Tape Mondays: Songs Added to an Emotionally Charged Mixed Tape Then Later Regretted

The best thing about music is that almost every single person on earth can find a song that best describes how they feel. From excitement and joy to heartache and love, it’s one of the most creative ways we all … Continue reading

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My Sexy Encounter With The Cable Guy

As you may have read in a previous post about nothing but dry vaginas up in here, it’s been a long while since the last time I had sex. Life has kept me pretty busy from finding my next potential … Continue reading

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Sex: Disney Villains I’d Sleep With aka Ursula is Hot

Watching The Little Mermaid with my nieces and nephews this weekend, I came to a not-so-shocking realization: I’d totally do Ursula. Big red lips, big round boobs, big giant booty. Yum. (Have you seen the abomination which is the new … Continue reading

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Relationships: Summer Flings

It’s my favorite season of the year. Late sunsets, long days and summer nights at the beach full of hopeful romantic possibilities. Every time I go to the beach at night during the summer, I’m reminded of my unforgettable summer … Continue reading

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Confessions: My Anderson Cooper Fantasy

So as we all heard yesterday Anderson Cooper made an official announcement that he is in fact gay. Of course we all knew that already and I think an announcement probably wasn’t necessary, but more power to him for finally … Continue reading

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Stuff We Love: Who I Want to Make Out With on the Autostraddle Hot 100 List

The readers of Autostraddle made a list of Hot 100 Queer Women and you, my lovelies, helped me get voted into the #41 spot. Since I’m single and I like to make lists of people I think are hot, I’ve … Continue reading

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Queerie Bradshaw Lost Her Virginity to my High School Crush!

“Oh my God! I’m so fucking jealous!” were the words coming out of my mouth upon hearing high school friend Lauren (aka Queerie Bradshaw, the owner of this site) lost her virginity to my high school crush! One of my … Continue reading

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