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Seven Signs You’re a Sapiosexual, a.k.a. Intelligence is Sexy

You guys, I have a confession to make. I’m a sapiosexual. Sapiosexual, n. One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature. I only found this term out recently, and I was (not at all in any way) shocked to find … Continue reading

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Poetry: The Life of a Lake and Mary Oliver’s When Death Comes

I promised you more poetry. I promised you more intimacy and openness. I promised you words of beauty by other poets and words attempting to be beautiful by me. Here is where I make good on that promise. I went … Continue reading

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Poems to Push Through the Darkness, a.k.a. Let’s Add More Poetry to Our Lives

Did you know I write poetry? Probably not because once someone told me it was horribly cliche to be a lesbian who had depression and wrote poetry. Fuck that person. Oh wait, that person was me. Fuck me. Fuck the … Continue reading

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