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#SexEdHangout Double Whammy Tuesday, May 20: Zhana Vrangalova Discussing Casual Sex, and Sinclair Sexsmith Discussing The Politics of BDSM

Is there a science to hooking up? Can you be a feminist and a submissive? We’re going to answer these questions and more – including your questions! – on Tuesday, May 20 during my two #SexEdHangouts through Google’s “OnAir” Hangout function. … Continue reading

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Why I Spent My Saturday of Catalyst Con Crying Instead of Having Sex, a.k.a. Grief Hits at the Worst Times

For the most part, I love speaking at conferences. For the most part, I love being the person who encourages people to dig deep and share their Truths, to talk about the difficult – from money to grief to racism … Continue reading

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Being Super Gay and Romantic and Very Productive, a.k.a. Where I’ve Been

Don’t you just hate it when someone gushes all about how cute and romantic their relationship is? Too !@#%ing bad because I’m about to do that right now, right here. Swoon, I’m in love. But you already knew that, didn’t … Continue reading

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Wilted Orchids, Deep Roots a.k.a. How to Plan for a Funeral

How do you decorate for a party you never wanted to attend? How do you fill a room with cheer when no cheer can possibly be found? “What would he want?” we asked ourselves over and over again, as if … Continue reading

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Cheers to Poppo, December 1, 1921 – February 23, 2013

This weekend, the sun set on my beloved grandfather, a.k.a. Poppo. He was an amazing artist, dancer and gin drinker with whom I was honored to share 30 birthdays. He was 92 years young when he passed and he sang … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: What To Wear For Public Sex

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, I saw that you’re doing a series on exhibitionism and public sex and I was wondering, what does one wear for public sex? Clothing Challenged   Dear Clothing Challenged, Ideally, you wear nothing, but I’m assuming that … Continue reading

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Sex: Body Positive

It’s no secret many women, like me, often feel insecure about our bodies not only during sex, but pretty much throughout the entire day everyday. We are pressured by media to fit a certain physical description of what a woman … Continue reading

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Sex: I Was Afraid Of Boners

While the majority of horny teenagers in high school were experimenting with French kissing, oral sex and intercourse, I was tucked away in my safe and virginal little world.  I was so innocent, so pure, that sometimes I would convey … Continue reading

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A Healthy Challenge: A Little Discouragement Goes A Long Way

I’ve been avoiding writing my healthy challenge update for a couple reasons. For one, my stats aren’t changing all that much. And two, it just really pisses me off when I don’t see the scale move to the left after … Continue reading

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Guilty Travel Pleasures: Magazines

I felt so smart today buying Newsweek. I can’t remember the last time I bought a Newsweek. Sure, I only bought it because it said “The Politics of Sex” on the cover and I’m heading to a conference on sex … Continue reading

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