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The Queer Fat Femme Guide to the Net posted this image of a sexy brooding butch the other day, that came from a website called Fuck Yeah Chubby Butches. The website shows photos of all kinds of chubby butches, and if you’re into that thing, it can be quite an arousing experience to scan the images. While doing so, I actually came across a picture of some friends right after a BDSM session that I think I may have been at. Small world. The same day I found that website, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to a website called Hipsters of Size, which is dedicated to images of mostly grizzly hipster boys. My Bear Daddy readers will particularly love this site. If you can stand the hipster overload, it’s worth searching through for classic shots such as these (I have to admit, the second one turns me on – I love Bear on Bear action): The same friend posted about the T-Shirt company Seibei that has this shirt, which is ironically out of stock for larger sizes. (It also has some sexy models and an adorable dinosaur):

All of these sites got me looking for more images of sexy curvier people. A quick Google search of “Chubby Chaser” comes up with a variety of items, including an article on “Fat Fetishism” from wikipedia. So when you find abnormally large people attractive, it’s a fetish, but when you find excessively skinny people attractive, it’s a fashion? I think sexiness comes in all different sizes – from Twiggy to Velvet D’Amour – and to prove that, here are some hot images I found on the web:

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