My personal and group coaching services are designed to guide you towards a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

I want to help you transform your flaws into your greatest assets. I want to honor you for journaling, praise you for healing yourself, reward you for finishing that story, novel, book that’s inside of you, the one you’ve been putting off for far too long. I want to teach you how to enhance communication in your relationships, in and out of the bedroom.

I want to help you live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

This is the time of false prophets, the time of instant fixes, the time of constant distractions and superficial connections. Let me help you calm your mind, find your focus, and embrace your Truths. Together, we will find ways to give your life, your passions, your desires the time and space they deserve.

I’m not here to change you, I’m here to help you change yourself.

You don’t need another person telling you what to do with your life. But what you do need is someone to guide you through the process of exploring yourself. That’s where I come in.

All of my coaching services offer:

  • A free 20-minute initial consultation.
  • Links to pertinent resources from other experts.
  • Access to a private online community just for my clients and the clients of other select coaches.
  • Major discounts on my retreats and loads of free resources.
  • Honest, compassionate guidance that embraces the difficult, discovers your Truths, and respects your time.

What would make your life immensely more fulfilling?

Finishing your book/novel/story.

“Don’t ask yourself what’s stopping you from writing your book. Just set a deadline and do it.” – Danielle LaPorte

It’s time you finish that book, that essay, that piece that you’ve been putting off for far too long. Whether you want to finish your first novel or blog more frequently, I can help you:

  • Brainstorm your idea and give it a structured end goal.
  • Break your end goal into smaller, less intimidating stepping stones.
  • Provide rewards and consequences for achieving those stepping stones.
  • Provide content editing and important insight along the way.
  • Publish and promote the piece when you’re done with it.

I believe in the importance of completing your project so much, that I put my own money on the line as an incentive to finish through my writing accountability program.

Making a living as a writer/blogger.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There is no way around these two things that I am aware of, no shortcut.” – Stephen King, On Writing

You do not have to suffer for your art. You do not have to be a broke, starving writer. There is money to be made in the writing world, and I want to help you find the best way for you to become financially sustainable. 

  • Basic business advice, including information on business structures, tax issues, budgeting, and marketing.
  • Find and build your niche.
  • Create a small, easily-made, sellable product for your site.
  • Expand your reach and get paid through publishing with literary journals, magazines, and larger online sites.
  • Boost your mailing list numbers and enhance readership.
  • Optimize your website.

For over six years, I’ve made a living online, and I’d love to help you do the same. I’d love to share with you the information I’ve learned during my years in law school and my experience running a freelance writing and blogging business.

Loving your body fully and completely as it is right now.

Want to get a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body! – Internet meme, and me, during this interview on body image with Dr. Doe

Imagine what you could accomplish in your life is you quit hating yourself. Think of all the time, money, and energy you waste on trying to change how you look.

If you’re struggling with your weight, if you avoid mirrors, if you want to feel better naked, I’m here to help you find a happy, healthy way to love your body, as it is, right now.

I went from awkward fat kid who wore sweats in August at the beach, to a motivational speaker who frequently wears a bikini on camera, all by changing the way I thought. I can help you do the same through Bawdy Love: My 10-step program to stop hating your body.

Having mind-blowing sex.

I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was ‘the man goes on top and the woman underneath.’ For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds. – Joan Rivers

My coaching sessions start where typical sexual education ends. Whether alone or with a partner, at a public play party or in your private bedroom, mind-blowing sex is first and foremost about knowing what blows your mind. My coaching services can help you intimately reconnect with your body’s desires, passions, and emotions.

Healing past trauma, anguish, and heartache.

“One of the best-kept secrets in this technically oriented culture is that simply speaking truth heals.” – Rachel Remen, MD

There is no way out, but in. My coaching services encourage you dig deep within yourself and pull out your intense Truths through rigorous journaling and writing. Not only will you leave our sessions closer to healing your past traumas, you’ll also have multiple personal essay pieces poised for publication.


More about me and my services:

From ivy-league colleges to major conferences, I speak and teach workshops all over the country and am internationally recognized as an expert on 1. building and running a successful blog, 2. the logistical aspects of being a writer, 3. the social and legal issues surrounding sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity.

My one-on-one private coaching and consultation sessions give you access to my vast experience and broad knowledge base. I combine my highly trained left and right brain skills to offer advice that has helped thousands of writers, bloggers, activists, individuals and couples all over the world find creative inspiration, financial success, and physical, emotional, spiritual and professional balance in their lives.

Sliding scales, collaborations and exchanges available to those who may not be able to afford my services otherwise. 

Private Intensive Editing Package

Looking to enhance a specific piece of writing? The intense-editing package is just for you!

How it works:

  • You submit your piece to me, at whatever stage you find it needing assistance (very beginning, middle, polished piece about to be submitted for editing).
  • I edit it thoroughly, honestly and intensively, being critical yet kind, and return it to you electronically.
  • After you’ve had a bit of time to digest our comments, you get an hour-long phone consultation with me about the piece and ways to enhance it.
  • You revise the piece and submit again, I offer overall feedback on the changes made.
  • By the end of the package, you will receive three edits on your piece and over four-hours of personalized consultation services.

One-on-One Consultations

One-on-one phone consultations consist of one pre-consultation preparation email, one hour-long phone conversation and one follow-up email, for a total of three hours of my time spent personally working on ways to help you through an obstacle, issue or block.

Some of the topics I have helped clients with in the past include:

Building and Running a Successful Blog:

  • Blog to book strategies, plans and implementation, including technical aid in building sites
  • Garnering and keeping a following on social media
  • Creating a blog, including technical help in physically building a blog
  • Monetizing on a blog
  • Finding your blog’s niche and how to promote within that niche

The Logistical Aspects of Being a Writer:

  • How to price your services
  • Building a career writing and talking about sex or other risqué topics
  • Creating a space for writing in your life and sticking to a writing schedule
  • Mind-mapping career goals and creating concrete steps to attain them
  • Finding the story you need to tell and working out the best arc, format and publishing options for that story
  • Branding yourself and the products/content you create, finding your niche

Sex, Dating and Relationship Coaching:

  • Feeling confident, sexy and desired at any size
  • The ins and outs of a career writing and speaking about sex, including how to protect your anonymity both online and in real life
  • Using writing to enhance your relationships, both in and out of the bedroom
  • Opening up your relationship for the first time
  • How to jump back into the dating scene, including help building the kind of online dating profile that will help you attract quality matches for you
  • Spicing up your bedroom, picking and choosing the right sex toy for you


One-on-One In-Person Intensive Personal Coaching

I’m available for in-person intensive personal consultations both in my base of Southern California and all over the country while I’m traveling on business.

Possibilities for In-Person Intensive Sessions:

  • Overwhelmed by social media or technology in general? I’d love to sit down with you and explain how to build, use and keep up a blog, what’s the difference between social media outlets and how to use each one, and how to get your product/content/platform or services to stand out from the vast number of other sites online.
  • Trying to figure out how to sell/brand yourself professionally? An intense branding session will take you through the steps – from website to wardrobe, elevator pitch to media kits – that you need to package and sell your content, products and/or services.
  • Can’t find the space or time to write? I can help you create both. In my writing productivity sessions, I help clients clear space in their home for writing and work on ways to keep that space sacred and inspirational. Additionally, clients and I break down their schedules and work on ways to make time for writing, including creating rewards for when you do write and alarms/responsibility trackers to help you stay on path.
  • Nervous about dating again? All your dates end badly? Take me out on a practice date, complete with tips, pointers and ideas on how to relax and be your authentic self. I even pick up the tab.
  • Feeling unsexy? Lacking body confidence? Spend the day with me as we walk through the steps it takes to gain confidence in yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically. We’ll go through your wardrobe and find the outfits that make you shine, practice working a room and talking about yourself, create lists of what you have to offer and what you’re looking to attract, and work on ways to focus on those lists, letting go of both your negative view of yourself and the negative people you may be attracting in your life.

I offer free 20-minute initial consultations to all clients considering coaching or consultation services. Email for more information. 

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