Introducing Dear Friend, Intimate Letters Between You and Me

With a million different blogs and even more social media sites, I feel like I’m often shouting into a crowded room, getting only echoes and whispers back.

I miss intimacy in my encounters. I miss connecting with you all.

For that reason, I created Dear Friend, intimate letters from me to you.

I want to send you letters. I want to send you very personal, open-hearted, intimate letters.

All you have to do is sign-up below (or here at this link).

Let's Write to Each Other, Shall We? Square

While in Alaska, I wrote so many intimate letters – some funny, some sad, some inspirational, all honest and true to my core. It felt good to connect, even if none of you were listening yet.

Now, I’m ready to share them with you all! I just need you to do one little favor for me: subscribe below (or at this link).


I want to send you intimate letters.

About Queerie Bradshaw

Lauren Marie Fleming is a writer, speaker and motivator known for her intimate, informative and often hilarious look at sex, relationships and body-image. Lauren runs the critically-acclaimed blog, writes for major news sources including VICE, Nerve, Huffington Post and Curve, and is the author of her memoir Losing It: My Life as a Sex Blogger. In 2013, Lauren founded Frisky Feminist Press ( as a way to enhance conversations about sexuality through educational guides, online classes and entertaining publications. A law school graduate, Lauren has spoken all over the United States and is internationally recognized for her dynamic, engaging style. In everything she does, Lauren’s goal is to educate, remove stigmas and encourage people to achieve their desires.
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2 Responses to Introducing Dear Friend, Intimate Letters Between You and Me

  1. Saintchick says:

    I love this idea. I love to write letters and miss the excitement of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail!

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