My Sexy Encounter With The Cable Guy

As you may have read in a previous post about nothing but dry vaginas up in here, it’s been a long while since the last time I had sex. Life has kept me pretty busy from finding my next potential partner. From school, to work, to writing, to moving, to pretty much not having any time whatsoever for myself. The thing that has kept me the busiest was moving. I signed a lease for an apartment that wouldn’t be ready for a week after the lease was up on the current apartment I was in. I had to move all of my crap into storage, stay with a friend and move all my crap out of storage a week later into my new apartment. A long and tedious process I hate going through.

It was the first Saturday morning in my new place and the worst was over. My sister and I were completely moved in, she was at work and I was waiting for the cable guy to arrive to install our new service. I was expecting him to arrive around 10am, but was not expecting him to be a young and sexy Latin man. He was my height, dark skinned with dark hair and a physically fit body to match that of a surfer. When he started to ask me questions in English about the service I wanted installed, I could tell by his thick accent he spoke better in Spanish. So I started speaking to him in Spanish to make him feel just a little more comfortable.


While he was busy measuring, moving our television sets, cutting and placing cable wire, I made small talk with him while I unpacked the kitchen boxes. I learned that he was from Peru, had been in the U.S. for 10 years, single and living in La Jolla with a roommate. He asked what I did for a living and I explained to him how during the day I work in an office, but during my free time I like to write about sex. He was very intrigued and started asking questions about my writing. I saw this as an opportunity to do a little flirting and keep him interested. The more I answered his questions in detail, the more he asked; and the more he asked, the more I answered. I was not holding back whatsoever.

When he lifted the living room television to place on the table, he set it down quickly and reached towards his lower back to put pressure on it with one of his hands. I asked if he was ok and he answered he was just a little hurt from his kickboxing class. I knew exactly what to say next. “I’ve been told I give really good back rubs. If you’d like I can give you one?” I asked. He looked up at me and said, “Can the writer in you give me the back rub?” “Of course.” I answered.

I asked him to sit on one of the dining room chairs and gave him a bowl of cherries, banana pieces and strawberries to eat while I gave him the back rub. I thought the bowl of fruit was a sexy touch. I started putting my hands on hi shoulders, gently rubbing out his hard muscles. He sighs in satisfaction and I lower my hands to work on his lower back. A million things were going through my mind. I wanted to take off his shirt, splash oil all over his back and lower my hands on his body massaging as low as he would let me. But I was too chicken to do it. So I continued slowly to massage him, touching every part of his back. He continued to sigh in satisfaction and I kept plotting my next move. I wanted to do so much more but I was wondering if he would even let me.

I lowered my hands on his lower back, tucking my fingertips under his belt. He hadn’t stopped me at that point, so I decided to continue. I was getting ready to put my hands under his shirt when I hear someone coming up the stairs to my apartment. I see my sister through the living room window coming home for lunch and all I could think was “Nooooooooo!!!!!” I quickly tell him I was finished and that he should probably leave if he was finished also. He collects his tools and leaves with a smile on his face. I say goodbye with an even bigger smile on my face.

I don’t know what would have happened if my sister didn’t come home. Wait, that’s a lie. I know exactly what would’ve happened. Maybe I’ll plan a service call someday for a fake problem with my cable. But first, I’d be completely sure no one would come home. What would you have done?

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2 Responses to My Sexy Encounter With The Cable Guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Im a cable guy for the telephone company and that was an awesome story. I’ve had a girl tell me I’m gorgeous and how she could please me… Only thing is… He husband was in the next room!!!! Haha good times.

  2. Sherika says:

    I have been in a very similar situation. I live in San Diego, and am wondering if it was the same cable guy. He sounds very similar by the way you described him. The cable guy that was working at my house was also from Peru originally, and had kickboxing classes. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t I am sure we will never know. But that’s besides the point. So it all started one afternoon when my husband and I decided to switch cable and internet providers because we were dissatisfied with our prior service.

    So my boyfriend went to work, and he knew we were getting the service that day. It was a Tuesday. He made a joke as he left for work. He said promise me you wont sleep with the cable guy. lol. So 2pm rolls around, and that’s when my appointment was to be. Nobody showed, so I waited and waited. Finally around 2:45 I get a call on my cell. Its the cable guy saying he was outside, and needed me to let him in the building. I get downstairs, and here is this totally wicked hot latin guy. We get into my condo, and he starts working on the cable in the living room. While he did that, I said that I needed to excuse myself, and go do some work in the other room. I let him know to yell for me if he needed anything. I actually headed to the bedroom, where I proceeded to take off my clothes and masterbate. I was masterbating thinking about sex with this hot cable guy. so im really getting into my jacking off, and the bedroom door swings open. It was the cable guy. I was so embarrassed. I jumped up and my cock was still rock hard. I think he was actually less shocked that I was. He asked if he could join me, and I said heck yes! I asked him his sexual preference. He said we was straight, but often thought about topping a guys ass. I didn’t have any condoms in the house, so I let him do it bare. He was so gentle at first, but then once he got going, he was soooo rough and fast. He got all so into it. Low and behold, right as hes all on me and banging my brains out, the door opens again, and its my boyfriend. He starts yelling, but the funny thing is the cable guy didn’t stop. He goes the heck with this…im not going to stop until I get off. So my boyfriend joins in, and they both tag team me. Then the cable guys phone rings. Its a coworking. Another really hot latin stud. He invites him up, and then he joins in too. I had 3 hot guys banging me all at once. It was so amazing!!!

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