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In preparation for Queerie Bradshaw’s Guide to Choosing a Harness, I’ve been watching a lot of porn. Like a lot.

The things I do for you all.

In searching for good strap-on porn, I found a scene between Scout and Lascivia over on that I love and have watched over and over again.

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What draws me to a porn scene is the chemistry between the people in it and Scout and Lascivia have an adorable connection. I don’t know if they’re a couple off-camera, but they sure do fuck like one on-camera. They seem to know each other’s bodies intuitively and it’s fun to watch them work each other like seasoned pros.

Things I also liked about this scene:

  • Lots and lots of squirting, in quite an adorable, giggly way
  • There’s lots of switching sides, both people strap-it on and fuck each other
  • Scout’s wearing a bow-tie and a chest harness and Lascivia pulls Scout by both
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  • It starts with some awesome queercore type music
  • There is a femme getting a blow job and I love watching femmes get blowjobs
  • Lascivia teabags Scout with her tits while Scout uses a Magic Wand
  • Lascivia’s pearl necklace (a real one, not a sperm one)
  • I can put myself in the scene, I can see myself as Lascivia, which is important to me when getting off on porn, feeling like it’s something I would do

Director Courtney Trouble did a really great job on this clip. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite scenes and each time I watch it, I see something new that I like. I highly suggest heading over to and checking it out.

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*Note: I received free access to to review the site for my harness guide, however, our review policy is to only endorse products we like, no matter what we paid for them.

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