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I Shaved My Crotch For This?

Remember the time I was in China and got a concussion and everyone thought I was having sex but really I was just trying to shave my legs? That’s why I hate shaving my crotch.   If lathering up to … Continue reading

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A Healthy Challenge: From Fat To … Less Fat – An Intro

Contributor Jessenia Lua has started A Healthy Challenge as well. Read her intro and welcome her: I stepped on the scale this morning to see what damage I’ve done to my body after slowing down on exercise and eating whatever … Continue reading

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A Healthy Challenge: From 28% to 100%

Once, when I was having an exceptionally bad day, I walked across a bridge and thought about how wonderful it would be to jump into the river below, letting life just swim past you as you simply watched, no longer … Continue reading

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Dating Issues: I Hate Hearing "I Just Love Big Women!"

It’s no secret that we live in a superficial world where “thin is in” and “big is out.” For decades upon decades, the media has highlighted the beauty of thin women everywhere making them the mainstream ideal in advertisement. As … Continue reading

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A Healthy Challenge: Accountability

I’m only a few words into this post and I can already tell it’s going to be one of the hardest I’ve ever written. In the past few months my sister’s had an emergency C-section, my brother’s been diagnosed with … Continue reading

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A Healthy Challenge: Forgiveness is Just the Beginning

My father got diagnosed with leukemia when I was 12, but, as much as the incident forced me to deal with mortality at a young age, I didn’t really relate that mortality to myself, as much as to my parents. … Continue reading

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Plus-Size Models Make You Fat, or Why I love Velvet D'Amour and Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia recently published a glorious and sexy spread featuring three plus-sized models lounging around in lingerie looking ravishing (images below and here). Instead of celebrating the presence of amazing breasts as people should have, there were protests over the … Continue reading

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Chubby Chasers

The Queer Fat Femme Guide to the Net posted this image of a sexy brooding butch the other day, that came from a website called Fuck Yeah Chubby Butches. The website shows photos of all kinds of chubby butches, and … Continue reading

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