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Relationships: Settling For Crumbs When You Deserve Cake

I hate that point in a relationship where your love turns to frustration and everything that used to tug at your heart now yanks on your nerves. That point when you have to face how long you went without your … Continue reading

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Ladies Who Lunch, aka My Afternoon with Porn Director Jincey Lumpkin

Before our meeting – held in a fancy restaurant tucked under The Highline in New York City – all of my interactions with Jincey Lumpkin were via Twitter, mostly late at night and almost always regarding lesbian porn or femme problems. I … Continue reading

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Cut Off My Hair

The first time I chopped all my hair off, I was ten years old, firmly ensconced in my long-lasting tomboy phase wherein I refused any and all attempts to dress me “like a girl” and shopped exclusively in the boys … Continue reading

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Introducing: Alanna LaFemme, Our Latest Contributor Addition

Well hello there, sexy.   If this website was a cocktail party, and I was introducing myself, I might just stop at that; let the conversation flow. You know, a little playful banter, exchange of names, and so on. But … Continue reading

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Introducing: Quickies with Queerie, Short Video Fun For All, Submit Yours!

We’ve started Quickies with Queerie: short videos (under 90 seconds each) to share a thought, answer your questions, show off a cute outfit, ponder life’s bug questions, or just chat it up. Most posts will be done by Queerie Bradshaw, … Continue reading

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We’re Making “I’M QUEER” Temporary Tattoos, We Need Your Help Picking Designs!

Because so many of you empathized with our “I’m Queer, I Swear” post about queer visibility and enthusiastically said you wanted temporary tattoos you can wear so people know you’re queer, we’re making them!!   See, we do what you … Continue reading

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“I’m Queer, I Swear” Tattoo, a.k.a. Will Someone in this Damn Coffee Shop Just Hit on Me Already

One of the reasons I’m so out and proud and boisterous about being a big ol’ queerbo is that people always assume I’m straight. Even gay people. Once, while working Long Beach Pride for Curve Magazine, I got asked by … Continue reading

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