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I Have Changed, And So Is The Site, Part I: My Changes

I have changed and, therefore, QueerieBradshaw.com is changing as well. Today, my brother is having a major portion of his jaw removed to stop his aggressive cancer from spreading any farther. They do not know if he will talk or … Continue reading

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PMS Literally Makes Me Want to Die, aka Why I’m Downing Vitamin D and Taking Days Off

Once a month, I have a day (or two or three) when it’s impossible to get out of bed, impossible to think, impossible to step one foot in front of the other. That day happens like clockwork and even though … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Heartache

The youngest addition of my family turned one last week, right about the time I moved back to Oregon. This day marks the one year anniversary of her birth, which was a frightfully early and dangerous one involving copious bleeding … Continue reading

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Pride: The Long Road Home, a.k.a. Moving in with My Parents

Sometimes you just encounter so many roadblocks in the journey of life that your only real viable option is to turn around and go back from which you came. Around the mid-October, I decided it was time to move home. … Continue reading

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