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Sex: Mother Knows Best, aka Sex Tips from my Mom

The best sex advice I’ve ever gotten wasn’t from a magazine, a website, or a step-by-step guide to blowjobs on somebody’s random Tumblr (although that last one was very helpful). No, the best sex advice I’ve ever gotten was—surprise!—from my … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: If You’re a Lesbian, Why Would You Date Transmen?

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, You’re a lesbian, right? So why do you like transmen and women who look like men? Doesn’t that defeat the whole point? Confused Straight Girl   Dear CSG, I actually get that question a lot and the … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: How Do I Negotiate What My Partner Can and Can’t Do To Me During Sex

Dear Queerie Bradshaw,  I’m genderqueer/trans and people I sleep with always assume I don’t want to be touched while I assume they don’t want to touch me. How can I negotiate what’s on and off the table without ruining the … Continue reading

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Queerie Me: My Girlfriend Needs a Vibrator to Get Off

Dear Queerie Bradshaw, Every time we have sex, my girlfriend wants to use a vibrator to get off. This didn’t bother me at first but now I’m starting to feel insecure and inadequate because I can’t get her off without … Continue reading

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