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In Defense of Celibacy

Celibacy is underrated. This statement may sound hypocritical coming from a person who makes her living writing about the antithesis of abstinence, but my life is often controlled by sex, so I understand the importance of taking time away from … Continue reading

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Sex: Virginity, the Sequel

I’d never been much of a romantic to begin with, but having my heart broken by my high school boyfriend (also my first serious relationship) three days before my graduation seemingly sealed the deal on my tenuous romantic side. Since … Continue reading

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Sex: Five Years Later, My Virginity Story

I remember the night I lost my virginity. I wish I could forget it. I wish I could forget it because it traumatized me to the point of never wanting another man to ever touch me again. But I agreed … Continue reading

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Sex: First Times, aka How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sex

Sexually, I was what you might call a “late bloomer.” And then, within the space of about six months, I became what you might subsequently call a flower in full, glorious, very sexy bloom.   What changed? You could say … Continue reading

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Queerie Bradshaw Lost Her Virginity to my High School Crush!

“Oh my God! I’m so fucking jealous!” were the words coming out of my mouth upon hearing high school friend Lauren (aka Queerie Bradshaw, the owner of this site) lost her virginity to my high school crush! One of my … Continue reading

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Sin FAIL!: Virginity ≠ $10,000

What do you get for the 13 year-old that has everything? $10,000 in exchange for her virginity is not the answer. But a “Sin FAIL! of the Week Award” is! A Salt Lake City woman allegedly attempted to sell her … Continue reading

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